About Us

Nasgist.com is a website that showcase the heritage and culture of Nasarawa State.

We observed that Nasarawa State has a lot of talents and great entertainment packages that would unarguable make the whole world go WOW.


  • The site would tell the world about the culture and heritage of our Beautiful state of solid minerals.
  • We would tell the world that Nasarawa state is full of talented music artist  both Religious and secular.
  • If you are an upcoming artist or an established artist, this site is a place you need to visit and work with, because nassgist.com is an online promoter.
  • With just a post about an upcoming artist, a record deal could be gained in and outside the country.
  • When it comes to sport, the local leagues will be publicised and the world would know that we are not just a home of solid mineral but also a home of talented footballers.
  • Other entertainments like Dancing, comedy shows and local wrestling would also be showcased here on the website.


  • The whole state would be at your palm.
  • You don’t need to walk from house to house seeking for accommodation, all you need to do is to log on to the website and a click will get you the accommodation of your choice.
  • Am sure someone is thinking about Hotel and lounge, nasgist.com will allow you to have almost every hotels in the state with just a click and tell you about the bookings and logging. Someone in Taraba or Yenagwa might book a hotel room in keffi Hotel while in his/her bedroom.
  • Should incase you are looking for a property like land, house, car and etc to buy in and around the state. Nasgist.com is a place for you to meet professional and perfect consultants on housing.


  • Research students and tourists outside the state could visit the site and see the glory of Nature in the state.
  • Nasarawa state is not just called a home of solid mineral but is possessed with a whole lot of beautiful culture and ethnic groups.
  • The site will give more detailed information and clear history of some selected cultures in the state, this will help our students in research and projects to be guided with genuine information.
  • The state is blessed with lots of places such as Farin Ruwa, the site would make provisions for local and international investors/tourists to visit the beautiful natural locations in the state.


  • A lot of beautiful business exist in Nasarawa state, yet to stay at the top is a problem, why because many people do not know whether or not they really exist.
  • Nasgist.com is a site that would promote your business and introduce it to the world.
  • For those who are into hospitality management, e.g for those who render home services, we are here to help you excel and take your services round the globe.
  • Hospital services and staff can contact nasgist.com so we could promote your services to the world with just one click.

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